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After the Spring Festival how the health of these errors you have committed yet

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1, bread and water to eat a lot

In order to balance the excessive intake of fat during the holiday season, a lot of people in the post a lot of eating oats, corn, celery, leeks and other crude fiber foods. In fact, if during the Spring Festival because a lot of eating greasy foods cause gastrointestinal discomfort, then after the holiday a lot of eating these foods, it will further aggravate gastrointestinal discomfort.

oats and other foods rich in dietary fiber, and contain a significant amount of insoluble fiber, on the one hand would delay gastric emptying, cause bloating, early satiety, indigestion, loss of appetite and other symptoms, and may even affect the next meal eating.

2, Dun Dun & ldquo; vegetarian & rdquo; to feed their families

In fact, from the festive to the main elements to look at meat and fish, will cause a new round of nutritional imbalances, especially animal foods rich in B vitamins, trace elements and high-quality protein, essential amino acids, will therefore insufficient intake.

small coup holiday regimen

1, dietary fiber Qing intestinal

meat and fish during the Spring Festival so that meat and vegetables disorders, too little crude fiber intake, dietary fiber lead to a lack of intestinal motility, the formation of habitual constipation can lead to hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer; excess subcutaneous fat deposition through the blood circulation produce obesity; intestinal toxins accumulate, forming stool, poor detoxification, and then cause headache, loss of appetite, rough skin, pigmentation deposition; elevated blood lipids, induced high cholesterol, diabetes and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident unwell.
Dietary fiber itself is not digested and absorbed by the body, because it contains a lot of hydrophilic groups and has a strong water holding capacity, the stool moisture and maintain a certain volume, and can stimulate the intestinal mucosa, increased bowel movements, improve constipation. Common food oats, barley, beans, carrots, citrus, flax and so rich in soluble fiber, can slow digestion rate and the most rapid excretion of cholesterol, helps regulate the immune system, promote the excretion of the body of toxic heavy metals.

Carrots are rich in soluble dietary fiber

2, American ginseng physical fitness

American ginseng cold, bitter, beneficial Yin, Qing Xu fire, thirst effect, complement but not AIDS tired, to reconcile the human body function, physical fitness is the best. American ginseng with improved physical, mental ability, fatigue, lipid-lowering, immune regulation, to relieve symptoms of hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other medicinal value.

Security bowel regimen Festival Act

If during the holidays fried, fried, grilled, rinse eat a lot, perhaps already lit, smallpox, clear bowel or necessary.

1, breakfast coffee, calcium mass

30 分鐘 cup of coffee before breakfast, which can effectively control the appetite, so you eat food intake of 75% in the past to feel full, and also speed up the fat burning rate of 5%. Daily intake of 600 mg dose of calcium, where breakfast and lunch each 300 mg, can help your body speed up fat consumption.

2, drink cranberry juice

Plum rich in anthocyanins, this substance can help the body effectively remove fat and toxins. The bathroom before drinking a glass of plum juice, your body & ldquo; clean & rdquo; the program can be greatly accelerated, the liver can also your body that may cause obesity substances excreted quickly and thoroughly.
Beware of cold work after the holiday strikes

Spring Festival is over, the weather is warming up, but many of my colleagues around friends but & ldquo; unexpected & rdquo; be suffering from a cold, the doctor expressed, holidays overdraft energy of the crowd after work should adjust their work schedules, in addition, it also provides some simple ways to help you fight colds.

1, cold water wash anti-flu

The doctor suggested that if once the home or work, there are patients with a cold, and he is the first to do preventive work, it is recommended to soak some mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum, rugosa, 錦茵 Teng, cool down as Nepeta and other drugs drunk as a tea, and eat spicy food lit, regular exercise, to improve their immunity.

As for the workers, wash their hands frequently changes the toothbrush, keep warm feet are cold prevention tips. According to the research results show that the influenza virus can survive in the hands of 70 hours. In patients with cold blow your nose, pick your nose when the virus will stick in your hand, if healthy people shake hands with patients or patient contact in public places touched items, will be on hand with a cold virus. At the same time, the body's feet more sensitive to temperature, if cold feet, it will be caused by reflex vasoconstriction of nasal mucosa, people susceptible to influenza virus infestation. In addition, you can also try to wash your face with cold water to prevent colds.

2, anti-cold massage Meridian

Experts say Meridian massage also can prevent colds. However, be noted that when massage points to the right, do so gently; twice daily massage once every fifty three under.

rubbing temples: the temple in the middle of the brow and the outer corner of the backward about an inch depression. Press and hold the middle finger with both hands around the temple rubbing respectively.

Mount cheeks push: push the friction on both sides with palms up cheeks, push the friction track as a & ldquo; O & rdquo; font.

next to the nose scraping: scraping with thumbs along both sides of the bridge of the nose from top to bottom.

instant Spring Festival is over, but for many people, the Spring Festival and did not let mind rest, but because of too much greasy food, staying up late is not a regular routine, virtually it brings health risks. It is understood that in the irregular holiday life, gastrointestinal problems become many people's biggest worry. On the one hand lavish meals, drink it, and stomach are often overwhelmed, so after New Year diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, anorexia and other problems follow. Therefore, the experts pointed out that after the Spring Festival, some people may need parenteral & ldquo; clean & rdquo; about the whole thing.

After the Spring Festival, some people may need parenteral & ldquo; clean & rdquo; about the

light diet conservation stomach

To make your stomach a break, starting from the change in eating habits during the Spring Festival.


Chinese New Year, the staple diet of coarse grains to cereal-based, you can increase the amount of corn, oats and other ingredients, should pay attention to increase the proportion of dark or green vegetables. At the same time, sooner or later it is light and refreshing drink, easy to digest milk, soy milk, mung bean porridge.

It should be noted that the light is not equivalent to a vegetarian diet, vegetarian diet can lead to complete lack of protein and fat, easy to affect their health, lead to various diseases. The so-called eating light, means low-salt, low fat, low sugar, low cholesterol and low stimulation & ldquo; five low & rdquo; diet.

Nutrition experts believe that meat can not eclipse more than 300 grams. Adult daily salt should be less than 6 grams, adult children are reduced to 1/3 or less.

& nbsp;

fruits and vegetables balanced digestion

In addition to a light diet, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables holiday also helps health care.

vegetables in the daily diet is that people often eat a large class of food, the body is an important source of dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Although dietary fiber can not be digested and absorbed by the body, but because it has accelerated the degradation of the role of cholesterol in the bile, it hinders the absorption of cholesterol, reduce blood lipid levels, it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, as dietary fiber is not digested and absorbed, can increase bowel movements and prevent constipation and shorten the residence time of harmful substances in the intestines.

fruit can provide for the body of water, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber, vitamins especially vitamin C the most abundant, widespread, followed by & beta; - carotene. Fruit also with appetizers, promote digestion, promote absorption of minerals, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, elimination of free radicals inhibit platelet aggregation, and many other physiological effects.

The World Health Organization as early as 1990 on the proposal: a person per day to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables.

a person per day to eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables

drink plenty of water to clean the intestinal tract


holidays, too much greasy food the stomach will bear the burden of times more than usual, so the Festival proper & ldquo; clean & rdquo; stomach is very necessary.

best to get up early to drink a glass of salt water, to reduce the viscosity of the blood vessels has many advantages. No matter what age people should have such a habit. Also, drink plenty of water daily life, there are many benefits. Drink plenty of water can accelerate gastrointestinal motility, speed up metabolism, reduce fat and alcohol on the liver damage.

In the water of choice, the best choice for water, if the water does not taste too, then drink light tea can also clear the greasy gastrointestinal tract, the gastrointestinal tract returned to normal levels as soon as possible. But it is best not to drink, do not drink coffee, tea, carbonated drinks. & Nbsp;